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Valeria Palladino

Valeria Palladino

Valeria Palladino, Canada, Adult, English as a Second or Additional Language

Valeria Palladino is long time long-life learner. A second language teacher by trade, with ESL, Italian and Spanish as a second language backgrounds, she taught at all levels of K-12 schools on two separate continents and is currently involved in teaching and curriculum design at NorQuest college, with English in the workplace courses.

She holds a BA in Foreign Languages, a BEd in secondary education and an MEd in secondary education. She is also completing her Masters of Arts in Communication Technologies at the University of Alberta.

She has worked under consultant, resource manager and coordinator roles with two key education stakeholders: Alberta Education, in the public school system, with a focus on developing digital learning objects, and with the International and Heritage Languages Association (IHLA) as a coordinator, working with community-based language learning schools, assisting with the development of curricula, professional development opportunities for school instructors and learning resources of various nature. For NorQuest College she has been working as an instructor and a curriculum designer as well as an instructional designer for online learning opportunities.

Her professional development activities and presentations of workshops and sessions bring Valeria all over north America. She has recently presented at the ACTFL Conference in Boston, offered local and provincial sessions in Alberta for teachers of second languages, and will be speaking at two national conferences in 2011: The TESL Conference in Halifax, April 2011 and the CASLT conference in Montreal, April 2011.

Valeria has also been a member of the Alberta Association for Multicultural Education (AAME) on behalf of IHLA since 2004. She has worked as a sessional instructor for University of Alberta, teaching methodologies and curriculum courses for pre-service teachers, in second language and cultures.

At home Valeria enjoys the privilege of raising two young boys, Michele and Marco, and taking part in community oriented activities, especially in the Italian community of Edmonton. She travels often and makes a point of remaining closely tied to her home in Rome, Italy. On her spare time she writes travel blogs, teaching ideas blogs and publishes readers for young second language students.

ESL Adaptations Readings
Reading Reviews for ideas on Adaptation Challenges and Benefits of ESL F2F Curricula into Online Environments. A portion of the readings reviews in this blog has been funded by Alberta Employment and Immigration for a project at NorQuest College. However this remains a personal blog.

I am a language educator with a passion for technology and online learning. All my teaching and information blogs are available at my home blog: Valeria Palladino

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