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Lisa Dewey Wells

Lisa Dewey Wells

Lisa Dewey Wells, USA, Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood

For the nearly 20 years, Lisa Dewey Wells has taught early childhood (three-year-olds through third grade) at independent schools in Massachusetts, New York and Maryland, including the past 12 years at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis. Her passion for teaching includes a commitment to knowing each learner as an individual and creating a classroom community where the social curriculum is interwoven with the academic fabric.

Lisa holds her M.Ed. from Lesley University and has additional training from the Gesell Institute and Gurian Institute. She is a certified Responsive Classroom Teacher Leader through the Northeast Foundation for Children, which gives her the privilege of mentoring colleagues and collaborating with other teacher leaders who use the Responsive Classroom approach.

In addition to presenting to local and regional conferences on social curriculum, inquiry based learning, and digital story telling, Lisa is a contributing editor on Stage of Life and writes about child development and learning on her blog, Wonder of Children. She can be reached at or on the Wonder of Children page on Facebook.

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