Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas, USA, Middle School, 8th Grade

8th grade special ed teacher. Co-teach Math & Science and also run a Content Support period. I try to integrate technology as much as possible & my website has helped me to connect to my different learners and provide materials in various manners based on their learning styles.

The Learning Pad
As a special education teacher, I wanted to find more ways to connect with my students and provide a central place where they can review & reinforce key topics, and stay up to date with class info & homework. My blog started as a place for me to post daily homework, review materials, visuals, etc.

As I've become more confident with web 2.0 tools & am always trying to learn more ways to engage my students, I've enhanced my blog to be more appealing & student-friendly. Now it offers auditory capabilities, visual notes through the use of my Livescribe Pen, interactives, flashcards, diagrams, etc...

I also use my website to post about important topics & events, and from time to time I blog about personal events that tie into my teaching career. Totally have been bitten by the blogging bug!

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