Friday, November 12, 2010

Chris Casal

Chris Casal

Chris Casal, USA, Primary, Education, Technology

I am a technology teacher/technology coordinator @ a K-5 public school within NYC Dept. of Education. I have been a computer teacher since 2003, a dotcom'er and broadcast producer before that.

I blog with my students and to get my own thoughts on technology, education, and the convergence of the two out of my own head...

The Casal Operating System
This blog is about my profession and how I view and shape the job I do and love, teaching; my experiences in the classroom, within the school, and general musings and observation regarding the educational field overall.

Everything I've done online to this point has been for my students. This is the first time I've created a space for me, about my craft.

This is what makes me tick. This is what makes me run. This is my operating system.

Class blog: Mr. Casal's Computer Lab

Theme: education, technology, educational technology, edtech, education policy, education politics

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