Friday, August 20, 2010

James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison, USA, Middle, History, English, Literature, Science

I have been teaching for about a decade. I taught middle school English and history on a 7/8 team in Burlington, Vermont for 7 years.

I currently teach 7th grade humanities at Shady Hill School in Cambridge, MA.

Making Class Relevant
I am strong believer in the power of current events in the classroom. I think that an article or story from NPR can breathe relevancy and life into lessons across the curriculum.

The blog collects the types of articles and links I have been emailing co-workers for past decade. I tag all entries, so that, in time teachers can visit the blog and search for an article by subject, topic, or field of interest.

Additionally, I often provide lesson plan ideas for the links and encourage followers to do the same in the comments section.

Theme: news, news articles, current events, relevancy, experiential, lesson plan ideas

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