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RJ Stangherlin

RJ Stangherlin

RJ Stangherlin, USA, Secondary, Educational Technology

Since 1967, when I graduated from Moravian College, I have taught in Salisbury schools. My career began in the high school as a 7th grade English teacher, then moved to what is now the Administration Building for 3 years (looked very different in those days), and then to newly-constructed Middle School until the mid-eighties. At that point I took a five-year educational sabbatical and revisited my Masters Degree work at Lehigh University (Lucy B. Moses Teaching Assistant Fellowship in conjunction with Dr. Peter G. Beidler) and began studies in 18th Century British Literature, Medieval Literature, and Gender Studies in the Ph.D. program (degree incomplete). During my degree studies, I learned to read in Old and Middle English, Classical Latin, Medieval Latin, German, Hebrew, and Yiddish.

A first-year member of Keystone Technology Integrators and the Discovery Educator Network, I am also a first-year member of the PA DEN Leadership Council and have and continue to serve as PA DEN Blog Coordinator. In 2010, I was surprised with the DENny Legend Award.

A believer of lifelong learning, as part of my continuing education, I have published, presented at conferences, engaged in staff development training, been awarded educational fellowships, and joined professional organizations that have furthered my classroom learning and teaching skills.

In March, 2010, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma, and decided to make my diagnosis a learning and teaching experience. You can learn more about living with and beating back cancer at my newest blog, Beating Back Cancer.

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