Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jill Galloway

Jill Galloway

Jill Galloway, USA, Instructional Technology, K-12

Jill is Coordinator of Instructional Technology for Irving Independent School District. She is a former math teacher and technology integration specialist. She is a Google Certified Teacher who has worked in 1:1 environment that employed project-based learning. She is a strong supporter of reforming traditional education into rich 21st century learning experiences for every learner. She is also an advocate for green technologies. - currently offline
Old school education is...well, old school. We are living in a new world, so doesn’t it make sense for education to follow suit? To properly prepare learners for this new world, we need to foster learning experiences that today’s learners need.

This blog includes Jill's thoughts on the small steps we can all take to kick out the old school style and start kicking it

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