Sunday, May 2, 2010

William Emeny

William Emeny

William Emeny, England, UK, Secondary, Mathematics

I'm a secondary school maths teacher working in the south of England.

After working as a structural engineer for a couple of years I decided to retrain as a teacher to get a job that is more interactive and more fun!

Joined this great profession looking for a more rewarding and fun job than the 2 years of Structural Engineering I had done previously. Not looking back! I am passionate about maths and love sharing my enthusiasm for the subject with others!

Great Maths Teaching Ideas
Everyday around the world maths teachers teach excellent lessons using brilliant resources they have created. Our mission is to share those ideas and resources so we can all improve our own teaching for the benefit of all the young minds we are trying to inspire.

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A blog that aims to make maths interesting and fun for everyone. We post 'how to' articles explaining how to do different parts of maths, articles that show interesting maths in the real world and also puzzles. We also offer online tutoring and a Teacher Help Club.

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