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Kathy Hibbert

Kathy Hibbert

Kathy Hibbert, Canada, Primary, Secondary, Adult, Language Arts, Mathematics, The Arts, Sciences, Technology, Social sciences, Cultural and Language Traditions, Health and Physical Education

My research interests revolve around a focus on the 'scholarship of teaching and learning' (Boyer, 1990), the pedagogy of multiliteracies (The New London Group, 2000) communities of professional practice (Lave & Wenger, 1991), and the pedagogical potential of virtual learning environments.

In particular, my interests lie in looking at the policies, decisions and practices surrounding learning environments that stimulate and engage teachers' intellectual curiosity in ways that inform pedagogical decisions that ultimately create rich learning environments for both teachers and students. I am keenly interested in what we, as teachers, can learn together with our students.

The Salty Chip: A Canadian Multiliteracies Collaborative
This 'Multiliteracies' Collaborative has been developed in response to working with teachers and students as co-researchers over a number of years, at a time when our understanding of literacy has broadened to include 'texts' that go beyond the dominant print literacy to viewing literacies as plural, complex social and cultural practices.

In this multiliteracies collaborative, we are interested in collectively sharing and better understanding how teachers and students create meaning in the context of using multiliteracies' activities in pursuit of learning. In many ways it is a learning ecosystem; its growth is dependent upon the community that engage with its pages. I look forward to what we can build together.

To check out the Salty Chip and add your contributions, go to Salty Chip

Theme: multiliteracies, primary, secondary, education, all subjects, digital literacy, multimodal literacy, new literacies, language arts, mathematics, the arts, sciences, technology, social sciences, cultural and language traditions, health and physical education

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