Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Chris, France, Adult, Lifelong Learning

Originally from a technical background, went back to university first to do a degree in Psychology and Applied Linguistics, then on to do a masters MA.ed., in Education Science - specialised in Lifelong Learning and adult learning.

I then followed a coach training course at L'école Supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse over a period of 18 months, qualified TEFL at University of Central Lancashire and DTEFL at University of Edinburgh.

I have worked in Poland and in France in roles that include training, facilitation and coaching.

Business owner based in South Western France and working globally on projects as varied as individual and team business coaching, Blended Learning integration into organisational learning, Soft Skills training, and social media integration in knowledge management, organisational learning and team or group working.

My hobbies include, skiing, sailing, cycling, gastronomy, wine, learning & personal development, Web 3,0, I am also a part time acrylics and watercolour artist.

I love to network with people and to learn about new technologies and especially the application of new technologies to learning.

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