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Jeff Goldstein

Jeff Goldstein

Dr. Jeff Goldstein, USA, Primary, Secondary, Public, Science Education

Jeff Goldstein is Center Director for the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education. He oversees national education programs in the Earth and Space Sciences that reach entire communities. He also writes Blog on the Universe which is dedicated to a rather unique approach to science education - conceptual understanding at an emotional level.

Visit the blog with a cup of coffee, immerse yourself in it, and subscribe to receive email notification of new posts! Jeff oversees the Voyage National Program which provides communities replicas (for permanent installation) of the Voyage model Solar System installed on the National Mall in Washington, DC, in front of the Smithsonian.

Jeff oversaw the team for Voyage on the Mall, and was PI on the NASA HQ grant for Voyage's development. Besides DC, Voyage is now installed in Houston at JSC; Kansas City, MO; and Corpus Christi, Texas. Site approval has also been granted in Baltimore, Orlando, and Des Moines.

See photo albums of Voyage in different communities at Voyage: A Scale Model Solar System for Your Community. Send Jeff an email if you want to explore a Voyage in your community: jeffgoldstein@ncesse.org

Jeff oversees the MESSENGER Educator Fellowship Program for NASA's MESSENGER mission to Mercury. The initiative is training 27,000 teachers on Solar System content over the mission lifetime, translating into 1M student experiences. He also oversees the Family Science Night program at the National Air and Space Museum, and the Journey through the Universe national initiative.

For a complete bio, visit: About Dr. Jeff

Blog on the Universe
Blog on the Universe from the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education

Launched in May 2009, Blog on the Universe is for anyone who gets joy from learning and aspires to know. It is also dedicated to helping teachers and parents make science an adventure. Every week use Dr. Jeff’s new conceptual nuggets and challenges to foster thought-provoking and inspiring discussions in the classroom and at home. It’s a blog committed to conceptual understanding at an emotional level, helping to make the nature of the world understandable to all, and teachable by both teachers and parents. Join Dr. Jeff and take a ride to the frontiers of human exploration—together.

The compelling posts include a Weekly Challenge, Teachable Moments in the News, Dr. Jeff Speaks Out on the debate of the moment, and the endearing Driving with Jordi. The blog also contains Resource Pages with essays on the nature of our existence in a greater universe, the art of teaching, and the power of models in learning environments, powerful quotes on human exploration, a look at climate change, and resource lists for teachers, parents, and community leaders.

Get emotional about science. Visit Blog on the Universe and read “About This Blog”. Blogger Jeff Goldstein, Ph.D., is the Center’s Director.

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