Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daniel Yáñez González-Irún

Daniel Yáñez González-Irún

Daniel Yáñez González-Irún, UK, Adult, Literature

Psychology graduate (B. A. Hon., University of Sussex), freelance writer, poet, photographer and translator... School of Computing and Cognitive Science, University of Sussex (U.K.) - Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Psychology).

Pre-Diploma in Counselling. The British School of Yoga: Diploma in Mental Health, Selection Interview Technique Course - 2008, Child Protection Course - 2008-09

UK vocal for the Spanish art association Ocre & Oro, the Art and the Artist.

La Fábrica de Sombras - currently offline
My photography, drawings and writings (poetry, fictional and non-fictional texts).

Theme: poetry, essay, fiction, photography, drawings