Monday, September 7, 2009

Peter Jones

Peter Jones

Peter Jones, England, UK, Secondary, Further, Tertiary, Adult

Peter Jones RMN, RGN, CPN(Cert.), BA(Hons) Comp/Phil., PGCE, PG(Dip.) COPE Informatics Specialist, Independent Scholar & Community Mental Health Nurse NHS Ormskirk Lancashire England.

Hodges' Model: Welcome to the QUAD
This blog provides a space for reflections on a HEALTH, SOCIAL CARE and INFORMATICS model which has universal potential in terms of application and users.

If time permits you will find a highly eclectic mix of posts about Hodges' model, its development plus items on education, conferences and computing. The website, on-line since 1998 needs a major overhaul. With this and more in mind I am (slowly) learning Drupal and Ruby.

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