Saturday, September 19, 2009

Elizabeth Sheppard

Elizabeth Sheppard

Elizabeth Sheppard, USA, Secondary, Further, Adult, Continuing, High School, Non-Traditional Students, Continuing Education

I am a writer, and artist, and own my own business, Betsy's CGC (Collectibles, Graphics, and Consulting). I am also an advocate for nontraditional students, who are going back to school after a break.

The Nontraditional Student Blog
This blog helps non-traditional students, who are going back to school or going back to college after a break. Featured here are links, other great blogs, articles, and support for all non-traditional students.

I have several other blogs and websites too. Here are just a few:
The Non-Traditional Student
The Betsyanne Site - my personal site
The Teacher Tree -a new free educational directory.

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