Friday, August 14, 2009

Richard Gresswell

Richard Gresswell

Richard Gresswell, UK, Further, Higher, English as a Second Language

I teach English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) for a college in the UK. I taught in Bulgaria for many years and briefly in Italy, since then in the UK. I am also doing a PhD at the University of Leeds and my interests are in digital literacies and language learning.

web2literacy - currently offline
The aim of web2literacy is to inspire and help ESOL teachers to use Web 2.0 media in their classroom work by providing plenty of creative ideas and by showcasing some of the great work out there.

The focus is not on the technology itself, although links will be provided to online resources to help you, but rather on HOW we can take advantage of the ‘new’ media in enabling ESOL learners to participate and engage with learning while still meeting curriculum and assessment objectives.

Theme: web 2.0, education, learning, languages, technology, literacy, ethnography, computers, digital literacies, digital literacy, emerging technologies, esol, efl, esl, teaching english, elearning, pedagogy