Saturday, July 11, 2009

E Gregory

E Gregory

E Gregory, Canada, Secondary, Elementary, Art, Photography

I've taught all grades K-12. Since 2003, I've been teaching mainly art and photography to grades 8-12 at a small, rural school. In 2008, I completed a graduate diploma on the use of technology in education, and my practice has transformed as a result! I love teaching, especially art and photography, and I'm very interested in the changes that technology is bringing to the field of education.

Just a Thought
My weblog shares my experiences and thoughts as an art/photography teacher learning how to utilize technology to enhance learning. I enjoy professional reflection and the writing helps to clarify and solidify my thoughts.

I also wanted to learn how to use Edublogs before using blogging as a tool to enhance the learning in my classroom. The final reason I started to blog was to grow and maintain my personal learning network (PLN). I enjoy the professional dialogue, especially when others push my thinking in new, unanticipated directions.

Theme: art education, photography, 21st century learning, professional development, technology