Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anne Hodgson

Anne Hodgson

Anne Hodgson, Germany, USA, Further, Tertiary, Adult, English as a Foreign Language

I was born in Washington DC, grew up bilingual on Capitol Hill and came to Germany to study in Konstanz in 1981. Further stops along the way were Berlin, Dresden, Singen and Siegen.

Now: Munich. I've been teaching English as a foreign language for business and academic purposes since 1998, both extensively and intensively. I translate, do audio recordings, am a textbook consultant, run a Moodle platform of my own and I write online language exercises for the leading EFL magazine here in Germany.

After my M.A. in History and Political Science, I worked as a museum exhibition coordinator before becoming a teacher. I'm on the board at our local teacher's association, MELTA.

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You'll find me sailing, making music, reading or just plain outdoors.

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