Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monica D. Mulholland

Monica D. Mulholland

Monica D. Mulholland, USA, College, University, Spanish

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I now reside in Northern Virginia, USA. In my hometown, I taught English for over twenty years, and, in the USA, I became a Spanish instructor in 2002. I have worked at the High School level but I now focus on college, where I am both a teacher and a learner. I am convinced I will always be both. I just love both activities.

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD degree at Catholic University of America, in Washington DC, and I teach Spanish to undergrads. Technology is my passion and I have been using it as a teaching and learning tool for the last ten years.

Spanish is fun
'Spanish is fun' is dedicated to the practice of the Spanish language in a real-life scenario. My students write about themselves, and they connect with other students or native-speakers of the language.

As they do that, not only do they become more proficient in several linguistic skills, they also live the global community that our world has turned into thanks to the power of technology.

In April 2009, Spanish is fun was awarded the MEAD Award for Leadership at the North East Conference on Foreign Languages.

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