Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Melanie McBride

Melanie McBride

Melanie McBride, Canada, Secondary, College, Web2.0, Online Publishing, Online Writing, Social Media

Early adopter, long time web content producer for education, media, museums. College instructor and speaker on social and participatory media. Currently transitioning to secondary school teaching with a focus on social justice and urban education.

Teacher ed training from OISE (focus on social justice, urban ed, critical pedagogy). My core secondary teachables are English/Media and Politics/Civics. I hope to add Web technology to this when it becomes a core subject in our high schools. In the meantime, let's advocate to make it so :)

Melanie Mcbride online
A variety of content pertaining to both interactive media production (online writing and publishing), emerging technology and web2.0 approaches to teaching and learning.

A few of my posts have gone into wide circulation and bookmarked heavily by educators. This one is the most popular: Classroom2.0: Twitter, and participatory learning.
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