Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jessica Meyer

Jessica Meyer

Jessica Meyer, UK, Secondary, Enquiring Minds, Opening Minds, Food Technology

An American trained to teach in England. For the last four years I've been part of the Enquiring Minds project and am now Head of Enquiring Minds. EM is a pupil led open research curriculum and is heavily reliant on new technologies, giving pupils forward thinking skills and to make their interests relevant. I'm a Design Technology teacher with a food focus.

Reflecting on education
A blog commenting on some of the experimental aspects of the projects I have been involved with. Reflections on results of the EM project and personal results for me and the pupils. Has lain fallow for a bit, but will be revived as of now!

Also have another blog called Cosmic Menu of Happiness, which is about home life, food and photography.

Theme: enquiring minds, technology, open research, opening minds, internet based, pupil led learning, research, skills based