Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tim Wicks

Tim Wicks

Tim Wicks, Australia, All Sectors, Education, Personal Development

Living in Darwin Australia is fantastic. I love the tropics, and the diversity of the city’s population makes for great food and interesting people. Darwin is a pretty small place with maybe 120,000 people living here.

We are also a 3 or 4 day drive from the main Australian capital cities, so at times I experience isolation in regard to conversations with people that are passionate about education and self development.

I currently work as a Senior Teacher in a Special School for High School students, and run Time To Shine. This makes for a hectic schedule, as I have 2 young kids that I love to spend time with as well.

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Tim Wicks is an educator and NLP Master Practitioner who craves interesting conversations. He has started Time2Blog for people who want to engage in conversations and arguments about education,and those who seek self improvement.

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