Friday, May 15, 2009

Laura Pasquini

Laura Pasquini

Laura Pasquini, USA, Higher Education

As a self-declared geek and a self-taught techie, I am interested in bringing online collaborative tools into the realm of instruction and advising. Currently working at the University of North Texas as an Academic Advisor in the College of Business, however has previous experience at higher educations in Canada, France & the UK in student affairs and support services.

I have an M.S. in Education from Niagara University and a certificate in E-Learning from the University of Toronto, and will be pursuing a PhD in Applied Technology & Performance Improvement in the near future.

My research interests relate to curriculum and program development to encourage collaborative learning with web 2.0 tools and electronic resources, including podcasts, online social networks, photo/video sharing, social bookmarks, blogs, and wikis. I like learning, connecting & sharing knowledge.

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Theme: collaboration, college, connection, education, highered, K-12, learning, community, resources, socialmedia, students, teaching technology, web2.0, wikis