Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kelly Walsh

Kelly Walsh

Kelly Walsh, USA, All Sectors, Education Technology

I have been in the information technology field for over 20 years, working at a senior management level for more than half of that time. I have been an avid user of Internet technologies for many of those years, and last year I began working for an institution of higher education, where I focused increasing attention on instructional uses of current and emerging Internet technologies.

There is so much that can be done to engage students with these evolving technologies. I also feel strongly that educators should strive to be aware of these technologies, and to provide students with insight into them.

Emerging Internet Technologies for Education
At EmergingEdTech.com, my mission is to inform educators about the expanding variety of exciting no cost or low cost web-based tools that are being used in instructional environments to better engage students, and to enrich the learning process.

Not only can these applications enable instructors to make learning more engaging and fun, but we also help students to be better prepared for the business world by introducing them to these innovative (yet at the same time, increasingly commonplace) technologies.

Each week I research a relevant topic and provide information, insight, and opinion. Please stop by and check out a topic of interest today!

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