Friday, May 8, 2009

Jen Farr

Jen Farr

Jen Farr, USA, K-12 Students & Educators, Educational Technology

Jen is a certified New York State administrator who has 17 years experience working directly with teachers, students, and technology. She has been a keynote speaker and has presented workshops at the local, regional, and national level.

Prior to writing her daily blog she published an inquiry based monthly online resource site that was used by educators in 150+ school districts across New York State.

Farr-Out Links to Learning - currently offline
Jen writes a daily edtech blog as part of her professional mission to research and share resources that will inspire educators to become lifetime learners so that they in turn can teach students to be competent in subject matter, digitally literate, effective collaborators, creative thinkers, and innovative problem solver.

Jen has also researched and developed 150+ websites and 40+ workshops. Feel free to contact her to find out more about the learning opportunities she offers teachers and educators who are interested in using technology to help students develop 21st Century skills that support curriculum expectations and life skills.

Theme: edtech, education, Web2.0, cross-curricular, technology, K-12, integration, technology education, digital literacy, digital technology, differentiated, eteaching, 21st Century Literacy, instructional technology