Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grant Galbraith

Grant Galbraith

Grant Galbraith, Australia, Primary

Australian Teacher, Learner, Innovator, Principal and ICT Enthusiast. - currently offline
Until now the blogs and content management systems I maintain have always related to my interests outside of my work life. The reason for this is I’ve never seen much of a need for an extension of these activities into my life as a teacher. As someone who uses Web 2.o extensively in my teaching I’ve never considered the value of a personal blog related to my activities in education.

I’ve maintained blogs for students to share ideas, work collaboratively and publish work, but haven’t seen the need to extend it beyond this. This was until a presentation at the Illawarra and South East Region Principal’s Conference by Darcy Moore. Darcy demonstrated the extensive network of educational leaders that are networking and sharing ideas via their personal blogs and other mico-blogging technologies like twitter.

Needles to say this was enough motivation to register a new domain and set up this blog. I’m hoping something significant my come of it and people will find it useful.

Theme: leadership generation, education technology, educator, child development