Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elizabeth Wargo

Elizabeth Wargo

Elizabeth Wargo, China, K-12

I am an educator, global citizen, adventurer, triathlete, expat, doctoral student that is online-a-lot and currently in the mountains too little and of course how can I forget the proud owner of Huckleberry, the Jack Russell terrorist.

Currently I am teaching at Shanghai American School and working towards my doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Montana. Hailing from the “Inland Northwest” I studied Business Administration at Seattle University and earned a Master’s in Teaching from Whitworth College.

Quixotic Learning - currently offline
Understanding that I live in a Web 2.0 world, I started this blog to share with you how I am involved in the never ending process of learning. This blog is a window into me as an educator: my teaching philosophy, passion for content, love for the learning process and my ability to enhance student learning through technology integration.

Theme: education, reform, pedagogy, curriculum, professional development, innovation, collaboration, communication, leadership, international education