Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Michael Wilder

Michael Wilder

Michael Wilder, USA, Adult, Educational Technology

Destiny has led Michael on a dual career path of both education and technology. The result is a hybrid individual with skills and perspective from both fields. He worked as teacher and trainer in a variety of environments, serving, among other positions, as Blackboard administrator, Online Learning Specialist, and college faculty (web design, web-based multimedia, networking, programming, desktop publishing, essential computer applications, and much more).

Michael specializes in web-based education and the educational use of open-source technology. He has presented at major conferences, and has consulted to schools districts and colleges. Michael received his B.A. in English from UCLA, and received his master's degree in Educational Leadership, with emphasis on computer-based education, from Gonzaga University.

Learning in the Future - currently offline
Perspectives on technology in education by UNLV Learning Technologies Specialist, Michael Wilder.

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