Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Shel, USA, Secondary, Paperless Classroom

Like many artists, avant-garde Baltimore musician and composer Shelly Blake-Plock has got a day job. Between the hours of 7:30AM and 3PM, the Red Room Collective member uses the name written on his birth certificate -- R. Richard Wojewodzki -- as he dons the attire of a fair-mannered Latin and Art History teacher at Bel Air's John Carroll School.

He does, however, manage to pull a little of the avant-garde into the classroom -- for his classroom is entirely paperless.

The objective of TeachPaperless is to help classroom teachers merge Green Thinking and Interactive Technology into their everyday classroom experience. The result is a classroom that not only only uses zero paper, but that recognizes and utilizes the best features of the growing Internet to extend learning opportunities to students.

Furthermore, we want to see students benefit from and gain experience in real-life problem solving, task determination, and creative thinking through total immersion in an authentic 21st century digital workplace.

Theme: paperless, green thinking