Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Esther Hardman

Esther Hardman

Esther Hardman, England, UK, Primary, Secondary, French, Language Learning

Esther Hardman is a communicator who loves talking about communicating. Fluent in French, Esther teaches languages, including Spanish, at a local secondary school, a specialist language college where she also works in primary and secondary outreach.

Past temporary jobs have included translating for Amnesty International UK, Interpreting for GoApe and The Wine and Spirit Fair, and audio translating for Transworld International.

Having written over 300 poems, Esther's poetry has been published in two MENSA Special Interest Group magazines. Esther's aim is to offer her poems out to those it may help.

A keen public speaker she has won various competitions through her membership of Toastmasters International, City of London Toastmasters and Turnbridge Wells Speakers.

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