Friday, January 2, 2009

Miriam Morgenstern

Miriam Morgenstern

Miriam Morgenstern, Massachusetts, USA, Secondary School

My area of interest and expertise is character and values education through the study of genocide. I teach Facing History and Ourselves using the Holocaust to help students understand the importance of active citizenship.

I also teach an elective on the history and culture of Cambodia. I started my teaching career as an ESL teacher and am fortunate enough to teach both ESL students and mainstream students in my urban high school.

I spend a lot of my time thinking, reading, and talking about education while trying to figure out how to instill a love of learning in young people.

“A Teacher’s Journeys Both In and Out of the Classroom”
My blog started as a travel blog about my 2008 educator’s trip to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Now my blog is a collection of my thoughts on current educational issues, connections between my classroom and life, and information about Cambodia. I use my blog as a teaching tool in the classroom.

Theme: cambodia, holocaust, genocide, urban education, vietnam