Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alan J Wright

Alan J Wright

Alan J Wright, Australia, Primary, Secondary, Teaching the Craft of Writing

An extensive career in education as a classroom teacher, consultant and administrator in Australia has been followed by almost six years working as a literacy consultant based in New York.

Returned to Australia in 2007, I have worked as a consultant in Victoria, Australia across a range of educational settings. Currently writing a blog to support educators who wish become more effective writing teachers. Writing poetry, short stories, novels consumes much of my writing time.

Alan J Wright
Would you take piano lessons from someone who didn't actually play the piano? It is the same for teaching writing. I can't think of anything more powerful to do than to allow your students to see you commit to the same challenges they face as writers.

Writing with your students makes you credible as a teacher of writing. You instantly become a partner in the learning journey. Like these young writers you will understand the challenge of the blank page. Sit among them and write! Write in front of them. Share your writing thoughts and ideas.

Think aloud about writing and watch them take up writing challenges with renewed conviction. This is the only way to create a sense of community in the classroom. Celebrate together those constant triumphs, no matter how small they may appear to be. This blog aims to share the journey towards becoming an effective teacher of writing.

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