Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sue Hellman

Sue Hellman

Sue Hellman (on screen à SueH), Canada, All Subjects

I have been teaching since 1974. I am currently at a small alternative program in White Rock, BC, where I work with students who do not thrive in mainstream high schools. I have been struggling with all aspects of how to more make education more accessible and more engaging for my students.

My subjects are math and science. My background is in learning strategies, differentiated learning, and working with at-risk students. My passion is for collaboration with like-minded colleagues who want to explore together this process of making learning more meaningful for students through the integration of Web 2.0 tools and resources.

..fossils no more -- surrey's 23 things..
A 12 week, online, self-study program for 'fossilized' teachers like me to collaborate as we familiarize ourselves with Web 2.0.

Theme: technology, tools, collaboration, reflections, improve teaching, engage students, 21st century learning, differentiated learning, freepath, 23 things, web 2.0, 21st century teaching

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