Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Richard R. Hake

Richard R. Hake

Richard R. Hake, USA, Secondary, Tertiary, Physics, Mathematics, Science

After receiving a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Illinois in 1955, I researched high-magnetic-field superconductivity at the North American Aviation Science Center in California and then, starting in 1970, at Indiana University as a Professor of Physics. There I also was assigned teaching responsibilities and became aware of the manifest failure of traditional university pedagogy to promote conceptual understanding.

I have published over 80 peer-reviewed articles on superconductivity, magnetism, and education; served on the editorial boards of "The Physics Teacher" and the "Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation"; been an advisor for NSF education reform programs at the University of Dallas, Harvard, and Michigan State; and am a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Since retirement in 1995 I have attempted to promulgate the “interactive engagement” methods that have been relatively successful in undergraduate physics.

Commentary on Education Reform.

Theme: interactive engagement, reform, science/math education, assessment