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Antonio Viva

Antonio Viva

Antonio Viva, USA, Secondary

Antonio Viva is the Associate Head of School at Worcester Academy, in Worcester, MA. He served as the Academy’s Chief Information Officer from 2002 - 2005. Prior to joining Worcester Academy, he worked as a Senior Research and Development Associate at Education Development Center, Inc. on a project funded by the United States of Department of Education to develop a model of comprehensive school reform and technology integration in the classroom. His research focused on teaching, learning, leadership and technology integration. He has worked closely with faculty, students and district level administrators in a number of professional development initiatives around the United States, including several in the New York City Public school system, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and in several New England states.

As a faculty member at the Amherst Public Schools, his teaching assignments included Theater, English and Technology classes. During his time in Amherst, he participated in Western Massachusetts Writing Project. He was the co-founder of Amherst Summer Theater Works, a summer theater program for middle school aged students sponsored through the town of Amherst Leisure Services and Supplemental Education Department.

Mr. Viva earned a B.A in English, as well as an M.A.T from Union College. In 2005, with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, The Education Arcade, MIT Comparative Media Studies Program, The Virtual U Project, and The Serious Games Initiative, Mr. Viva participated as a guest panelist in a two-day workshop at MIT titled “Game Simulations for Educational Leadership & Visualization: Virtual U and Beyond“. The event was designed to look at the past, present, and future of games about education and educational life.

Most recently, he was selected as a 2006/2007 NAIS/E.E Ford Foundation Fellow for Aspiring Heads of School. Mr. Viva has presented two workshops at the 2006 NAIS National Conference in Boston, MA and presented at The Laptop Institute hosted at the Lausanne School in Memphis, TN in July of 2007. Most recently, he served as a panelist in a workshop at the 2008 NAIS National Conference in New York City. He will be presenting at both TABS and the 2009 NAIS conferences.

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