Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sean Nash

Sean Nash

Sean Nash, USA, Secondary, All Subjects

Generalist instructional coach leading a community of learners at Benton High School in Saint Joseph, Missouri who are exploring learner-centered constructivism through emerging technologies.

I am currently a classroom instructor of Marine Biology and Principles of Biology (Dual-Credit Biology). As a generalist instructional coach, I am enlisted by teachers of all disciplines who wish to hone some pedagogical element of their classroom.

As of this year, I could probably also be referred to as “technology-integration-coach-kinda-guy”. Therefore, this year I am focused on helping teachers develop two thirds of their TPACK (technological pedagogical content knowledge). Yes, it is a mouthful. However, this framework -characterized by Punya Mishra & Matt Koehler at MSU- is something I have in the back of my mind nearly every single day.

Every day is an interesting journey. I try to spill a few things here whenever I get a chance. Sharing makes me feel good. I wouldn’t have spent nearly two decades in this line of work if it didn’t. Stop in and poke around from time to time. Chances are, if the word cloud from your blog touches mine in some virtual venn diagram, then I have likely read from yours already.

Theme: technology, education, edtech, constructivism, integration, learning, teaching, online, web 2.0