Sunday, October 5, 2008

Noel Jenkins

Noel Jenkins

Noel Jenkins, UK, Secondary, Geography

I'm a so-called Advanced Skills Teacher, working in the South West of England. I teach in an 11-16 comprehensive school in Somerset. I'm a Geographer with a particular interest in new and emerging technologies.

I tend to evangelise on the use of Google products in the classroom, and much of my development work centres around neo-geography, and the idea that school geography can and should influence the wider community (participatory / public geography).

I provide INSET for schools, LEAs and various training companies and act in a consultancy role for the BBC and other organisations. I also write for a number of publishers and my professional bodies. In my spare time I'm a rock climber and surfer. Music art and photography strongly influence my work as a teacher.

My website juicy geography contains a personal collection of ideas, lessons and resources for school geography at KS3 and KS4. The emphasis is on creativity, ICT and original Google Earth lessons.

Digital Geography
My blog that covers ICT in the Geography classroom.

Noel Jenkins
A blog for my own students.

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