Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Joss Winn

Joss Winn

Joss Winn, UK, Higher Education, University, All Subjects

I work in the Centre for Educational Research & Development at the University of Lincoln. I focus on how technology is used in Higher Education; working with both staff and students on the use of technology for research, teaching and learning (and fun!).

Currently, my time is spent developing the Learning Lab as a useful set of web applications (blogs, wikis, forums, mashups) that are valued by the university's community of staff and students, are a pleasure to use and integrate well with social networking and other web services outside the university. I am also developing Lincoln Academic Commons, a hub for open source and open access related projects and information.

Previously, I worked for Amnesty International and the British Film Institute and am a qualified Film Archivist.

An edublog with a particular emphasis on open source, open access and the academic commons.

Theme: academic commons, IPR, open access, open source, repositories, standards, technology, education, web 2.0