Friday, October 3, 2008

Antonio Fini

Antonio Fini

Antonio Fini, Italy, Tertiary, Adult Education

I am a teacher in secondary school but at present I have obtained a temporary leave for my Ph.D. (in "Telematics and Information Society"). My research is about e-learning 2.0 and its implications for lifelong learning.

I am working at the Educational Technology Laboratory (L.T.E.) of the University of Florence (Italy). The LTE is part of the Department of Educational Sciences, Cultural and Training Processes. It acts as an educational environment in which converge academics, scholars and practitioners involved with new media and education.

My primary interests are in Open Source, LMS/LCMS, Learning Objects, new standards such as EML and IMS-LD. I'm co-author of one of the first books in Italian about LO. More recently, I am very interested in Web 2.0 / E-learning 2.0 stuff, mainly about social networking, learning networks, personal learning environments, OER.

It is a generalist blog, in which I use to reflect mainly about professional topics, but occasionally even on politics and private subjects.

Theme: e-learning, adult education, educational technology, OER, web 2.0