Friday, September 12, 2008

Patricia Young

Patricia Young

Patricia Young, USA, Primary, K-5 School, All Subjects

I am a fourth grade teacher in Virginia. I have been teaching in this state for four years. I am originally from Queens, New York. I taught in Brooklyn for six years. I enjoy teaching and have been working with children most of my life. I am a general education teacher (all subjects) I work with students that are in the gifted and talented program. (they know more about technology than me).

I don't consider myself a techie or geek (I only wish), but more like a digital immigrant because I am just learning how to implement technology in the classroom. I appreciate the PLN for being so helpful in sharing ideas, tools and links for utilizing free sites to learn more about technology.

Digital Immigrant
My school recently started to implement this 21st century learning as their theme, however many teachers are unaware of the new and interesting tools available. So, as I learn new things and test them out I post them, give samples and share how they can be used.

I like to share videos that I think will inspire teachers to be creative and try to learn new things to help their students become prepared for the future. My blog was originally made for a 21st century presentation when school opened.

Theme: digital immigrant, 21st century learner