Thursday, September 18, 2008

Diane Bédard

Diane Bédard

Diane Bédard, Ontario, Canada, K-12, Adult Continuing Education, IT support, Libraries, Learning Commons, Technology

I love to explore the technological world, and keep as much of my life web-based as I can. Day-to-day life includes web design, ILS exploration, web site coaching, systems & software training and support, podcast-rss-wiki builds, portal support, ...basically anything library and K-12 educational IT related.

On personal note, I suffer from the deadly sin of "techno-lust" and have to have the latest toys and gadgets to play with! ;-)

What works for me...
Like a fine single malt or a robust cuppa joe, meandering thoughts about the "IT" world need to carefully percolate and mellow before reaching the "act on it" stage. If thoughtful education & information technology support is where you also explore and dream of possibilities, then read on...

Theme: libraries, literacy, learning commons, technology, web 2.0, social networking, forward thinking