Friday, August 8, 2008

Grit Matthias

Grit Matthias

Grit Matthias, New York, Ithaca, USA, University, Undergraduates, Foreign Language Education, Foreign Language Teaching, German as Foreign Language

Masters in German as a Foreign Language, Lecturer in German at Cornell University.

Grit Matthias' Blog
Information about:
- E-learning, especially Podcasting and e-Portfolios, and
- German films, books, games, pop culture…

Theme: GFL, DaF, FLE, FLT, foreign language education, foreign language teaching, german as foreign language, deutsch als fremdsprache, e-learning, podcasts, podcasting, e-portfolios, web 2.0, didactics, podcast-workshops, fremdsprachenunterricht, language teaching, neue medien