Monday, July 14, 2008

Justin Hardman

Justin Hardman

Justin Hardman, Hong Kong, K-12, All Subjects

Justin Hardman is the High School Educational Technology Coordinator at Hong Kong International School (HKIS). He was born in New Zealand but raised in Hong Kong and educated in Australia.

Although his educational background is not in education (or technology), his professional passion is working with faculty and students in how to effectively implement technology for learning.

His major project is a learning platform developed at HKIS called myDragonNet which is designed for articulation of the curriculum, collaborating in classes and other groups and personal portfolios.

Blueprint - currently offline
The world that teachers and students inhabit has changed; our schools must change as well. An ongoing discussion about education and how technology can be used to make learning more engaging, authentic and relevant to students.

Theme: education, technology, collaboration, web2, online learning, learning platform, curriculum, tools