Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jackie Blackman

Jackie Blackman

Jackie Blackman, UK, Secondary, Religious Studies

I’m the Curriculum Team Leader for Religious and Social Studies (Psychology, Sociology & Critical Thinking) and I have also just been made Opening Minds Coordinator.

Opening Minds is a competency based curriculum which our yr 7 students (11 to 12 yrs old) will follow for 7 hours a week with the same teacher. Although the course is a skills based curriculum students will also receive their Religious Studies, History, Geography, Design & Technology entitlement as well as some ICT content.

The course was trialled this past year for 2 forms and is being extended across the whole year from September. Although the course was in place this year things such as assessment criteria and course content was not finalised. This has been my responsibility over the last few weeks and I am enjoying the challenge tremendously.

I have been teaching for 12 years in a school in London and I love my job. I’m passionate about thinking skills and ways of using technology to extend and deepen learning experiences.

RS Teacher
A blog which is really just providing resources for other teachers, especially those who are RS teachers.

Opening Minds
I have only made this blog today (20th July 2008) and have not added to it yet – but it will eventually contain the ups and downs of my job as coordinator of Opening Minds – hopefully there will be things to interest everyone!

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