Friday, June 27, 2008

Theresa Giakoumatou

Theresa Giakoumatou

Theresa Giakoumatou, Greece, Secondary, History, Greek Language, Classics, Literature

Theresa Giakoumatou is currently an ICT teacher-trainer, focusing on the application of ICT in theoretical subjects. She has been a board member of five conferences on educational technology in Greece and has served as the director of the official educational web portal of the Hellenic Ministry of Education for two years.

During the academic year 2003-4 she has functioned as a co-ordinator of the “Spring of Europe” programme. She contributes regularly to educational journals on the introduction of new technologies in secondary education. She maintains a personal website, Netschoolbook, which caters for the training of teachers and earned a Mobius award in the area of education in 2003, as well as an educational blog TerraComputerata

Netschoolbook also represented Greece in the 1st International Conference on Information Technology in Geneve.

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