Sunday, June 15, 2008

Joel C. Yuvienco

Joel C. Yuvienco

Joel C. Yuvienco, Philippines, Lifelong Learning

Joel was educated in Statistics and Law at the University of the Philippines. While doing his MBA at the University of Liverpool in 1995, he found himself in the midst of the first growth spurt of the Internet or Web 1.0 which allowed him to explore its evolving usefulness in collaborative projects.

A "tweener" straddling the Baby Boomer and X Generations, he is a strong believer in Information and Communications Technology as a potent tool to bridge cultural/generational differences. For close to 15 years he had worked in the government and the private sector until he decided to cross over to the academe doing what he loved doing: Innovative Teaching and Research.

You can read his random ruminations about Technology, Economics and Society at Ad Astra. He lives in the suburbs of Manila with his wife, Tessa their children Joelle, Tris, Marcky and their dog Mocha.

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