Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Camilla Elliott

Camilla Elliott

Camilla Elliott, Australia, Secondary, School Library, Web 2.0

Network Manager and Head Teacher-Librarian at a Catholic secondary college in country Victoria, Australia. Long standing interest in the value of integrating ICT into the curriculum to create engaging learning environments.

Winner of the School Library Association of Victoria John Ward Award in 2004 for ‘demonstrating an outstanding contribution to learning and teaching’. Keen networker and ‘flat earth’ advocate. Passionate believer in the power of networks.

Also maintain the Linking for Learning website and the Touring Antarctica webquest.

Linking for Learning

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This blog provides a venue to examine new and emerging technologies suitable for application to the 21st century learner with a particular emphasis on ICT integration, digital literacy and Web 2.0 resources.

It works in conjunction with my Linking for Learning website.

Theme: web 2.0, 21st century learning, teacher-librarians, learning and teaching, educational leadership, information literacy

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