Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anne Mirtschin

Anne Mirtschin

Anne Mirtschin, Australia, Primary, Secondary

I teach in a small rural prep to year 12 school in rural country Australia. I am passionate about using web2.0 tools to improve learning outcomes in the classroom.

Blogging, flat classrooms, digital storytelling, podcasting and social networking are my passions.

On an ejourney with generation Y
My personal blog documents my journey over the last 12 months with learning and using web2.0 tools, and their application in my classroom.

This wiki is a collection of resources that I have gathered over the 12 months for personal PD and classroom use.

Theme: flatclassroom, 21stcentury school, studentblogs, virtual classrooms, videoconferencing, web2.0tools, reflections

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