Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nina Lyulkun

Nina Lyulkun

Nina Lyulkun, Ukraine, All Subjects

EFL teacher at Khmelnitskiy National University in Ukraine for 30+ years of experience. Her students mostly majoring in economics. Involved in Internet surfing since 1997 after participating in the IATEFL conference in Lyubliana, Slovenia.

Since then has participated in many online workshops, seminars, courses and conferences. Ex-president of TESOL-Ukraine (2001-2003). Now: she's part of, the Webheads. This year she's been a co-moderator for a free online session for educators around the globe, the Blogging4Educators, An awardee of WorldCALL 2008.

Annual Students' Conference VSPU was created for involving students of Ukraine as well students and educators from all over the globe to participate in online conferences, discussions, sharing ideas about Language, Education and Culture.

Webheads at WorldCALL2008 was created for webheads, awardees attending the WorldCALL 2008 Congress in Fukuoka, Japan on August, 05-10. WorldCALL aims to enhance computer-assisted language teaching and learning in the global community by bringing educators from around the world together.

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