Friday, April 11, 2008

Melinda Pongrey

Melinda Pongrey

Melinda Pongrey, USA, Primary, Secondary, Learning Disabilities

For the past ten years, Melinda has successfully worked with children and adults who experience many types of learning differences, including dyslexia's, ADHD, language delays, motor-spatial and visual-spatial difficulties.

Melinda presents her interactive workshops and classes for parents, teachers and organizations, including the Learning Disabilities Organization of Washington (LDA).

Always interested in the process of learning, Melinda combines her background in fine art, natural sciences, and education with her sense of adventure to create a supportive learning environment. She is constantly learning from each of her students.

LD Live!
LD Live! is a weekly online live radio talk show Connecting Innovators, Ideas and Individuals in the Field of Education and Learning Disabilities!

Join Melinda Pongrey, MSED, every Friday at 9am (PST) as she explores learning, learning difficulties, and learning disabilities with featured leaders in the field of medicine, science, education, ADHD, and various learning disabilities, including dyslexia. Find out how to support your learning success!

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