Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gail Haythorne

Gail Haythorne

Gail Haythorne, Surrey, England, UK, Secondary, French, German

I’ve been teaching secondary MFL for almost 20 years now (yikes) and have been training teachers in using ICT in the languages classroom since 2002, working for a variety of companies, as well as keeping up the day job. I run a couple of blogs.

This blog is for colleagues who would like to learn more about blogging, as well as the huge range of wonderful applications available free online to enhance our teaching. This blog is founded on the basis that you only want to spend a couple of minutes reading a post and then seeing an example/learning how to do something yourself. Quick and easy, practical stuff.

woldingham languages
This blog is mainly a blog for my year 9 French class, but has resources I use with other groups.

This blog is for my German Sixth Formers – they have started this recently as a way of Lower and Upper Sixth working together, taking turns to write a never-ending story, uploading revision documents and presentations etc.

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